The Name Game

January 24, 2016. Ryan Wright

It can be easy to take on different names throughout your lifetime. Without knowing it, you hold onto those names and begin to carry them as burdens. It’s time to take a stand and erase the negative names, replacing them with positive ones.

Do We Stand Out?

January 31, 2016. Robert Hinz

It’s easy to stand with the status quo. To Stand Out is not easy, and can even be frightening. Romans 8 reminds us that we did not receive a spirit of fear, but one of adoption in Christ. Will you make the choice to Stand Out?

Stand Up

February 7, 2016. Robert Hinz

Do you have true faith? Do you stand up when the world is telling you to back down? The thought of standing up can make us feel uneasy, but we serve a God who is sovereign – He has authority over everything. A person with true faith in the one true God is immortal until the day their work on earth is done.

Stand Strong

February 14, 2016. Robert Hinz

God will present to us many opportunities to stand strong. And you can expect people to tear you down. But don’t let fear stand in your way because when you do the right thing, you can trust God with the results.

Stand In Faith

February 21, 2016. Robert Hinz

Have you ever prayed for something and feel like God is quiet? No matter how long you wait, stand firm in your faith. God knows exactly what is going on and is doing more than you can ever understand. Don’t forget that God cares about you more than you do.

Stand Firm

February 28, 2016. Robert Hinz

It’s no secret that trials will come our way. At that moment when you feel you are at your lowest point, stand firm in your faith and ask God to deliver you through the trial.