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The next small group semester will begin in the fall of 2024. Check back soon to see available groups.

To grow spiritually, you need to be connected relationally.

Although your relationship with God is the center of your spiritual walk, you still need others to help support and encourage you along the way. Small Groups are a place to connect relationally, grow spiritually, and care personally. Small Groups provide a space where you can share your joys and struggles with people on a similar spiritual journey. Small Groups deepen your understanding of scripture and your relationship with God. Small Groups offer practical support in times of need. Small Groups provide opportunities for you to live out your faith.

You don’t live your life alone, so don’t journey spiritually alone. We are better together. Join a Small Group to find your community!

How do they work?

Our Small Groups run on a sememster with sign ups being available in the fall, winter, and spring. Groups may be sermon-based, book/study-based, or hobby-based.

To join a group, simply browse available groups when the next semember begins and register!


Small Groups typically meet in homes, but some may meet at the church or other public locations.
Small Groups meet at various times and different days of the week so you can find a group that works with your schedule!
We’re leaving it up to the groups to decide whether you’ll chip-in together for a group babysitter or whether childcare is up to each individual.
Each Small Group leader chooses the topic for their group. You may be discussing the previous Sunday's message if you're in a sermon-based group. You may go through a book or video curriculum. Some hobby-based groups may just go through a time of devotion and prayer before participating in an activity together. It all depends on what group you choose!
We encourage groups to rotate bringing a dessert or snack to the group, but the decision will be up to each group whether there will be food.

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Sermon-Based Small Group Questions

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