Self Control

July 16, 2017 . Bob Hinz

When God gives you a choice, do you have enough self-control to make the right one? Having biblical self-control does not mean that you always have to say, “No”. Instead, it means that you are not allowing something else to control your thoughts and actions and you are consistently looking to the Holy Spirit for guidance.


July 9, 2017 . Bob Hinz

When we respond out of anger in a sinful way, we can hurt not only ourselves, but others too. Anger in itself is not sinful; rather it is our reaction. How, then, should we handle this emotion so it comes across in a positive way?


July 2, 2017 . Bob Hinz

You should always be prepared to ask yourself if your conversation is helpful or hurtful. The truth is, your words matter. What will you do to prevent yourself from being a gossip?

Is It Right or Wrong?

June 25, 2017 . Bob Hinz

Lying can easily become a viscous cycle that is difficult to break. It can become so second nature – sometimes you don’t even realize you’re sinning. In order to break this cycle you have to start with redefining what a lie is and why you do it.