October 1, 2017 . Bob Hinz

It is very common for people to get their beliefs about angels from TV shows or movies. Some believe they are babies with wings and a harp. Some believe that when you die, you become an angel. So what are angels, and what is their purpose?

The Holy Spirit

September 17, 2017 . Thomas George

 In Ephesians 5:18, the apostle Paul tells us to be “filled” with the Holy Spirit. So what, exactly, does it mean to be filled?


September 10, 2017 . Bob Hinz

Demons are around us trying to lure us away from God. In order to fight this battle, we should not treat the enemy lightly or refuse to flirt with darkness. Instead, we should engage with God’s authority.

The Holy Spirit

September 3, 2017 . Bob Hinz

Have you ever tried to live your life under your own power instead of following the Holy Spirit? We have all thought we know better at times all have areas in our lives that we should surrender to the Holy Spirit. Do not resist the direction and voice of the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit World

August 27, 2017 . Bob Hinz

We have to learn an important principle, that what we see with our physical eyes in the physical world is not all that is there – there is a whole other world. There is a spiritual world that is just as real, and even more powerful than what takes place in our physical world.