I Will Rejoice In The Lord

August 13, 2017 . Bob Hinz

Often times when God gives you the “silent treatment”, we we start to doubt and question Him. Through these silent times, we need to rejoice in the Lord and remember that He has a plan for us.

Embracing God

July 30, 2017 . Bob Hinz

Is there a time in your life where you ask, “Why God?” When we hit those low points in our life, we often ask those types of questions. It’s in these times when we must be still and listen to God’s voice.

Wondering and Worrying

July 23, 2017 . Bob Hinz

Have you ever asked, “Why God doesn’t seem fair?” When everything around us seems to fall apart, we often start wondering and worrying. During these struggles and trials, we must focus on the character of God.