I Can’t Get No ________

April 2, 2017 . Bob Hinz

Are you content and satisfied with all God has given you? Or do you often find yourself always wanting more, and always craving the next best thing. The truth is, having the latest piece of technology will never fill you to the fullest. You can only find that by surrendering your life to Christ. Remember that how you live reveals what you believe.

For Better Or Worse

March 26, 2017 . Bob Hinz

It’s no secret that marriage is tough. You have to work hard at it. God gives us marriage as a gift and expects us to not take it lightly. Having close relationship with Christ and keeping Him in the center of your marriage is the best thing you can do to prevent drifting from your spouse.

How To Mess Up My Life

March 19, 2017 . Bob Hinz

It isn’t too often that we find someone who is intentionally trying to mess up their own life. Yet without trying, we can do this by harboring and attitude that causes us to drift away from God. So how can we be sure we are on the right track? Taking the proper steps, we can break the strongholds and keep ourselves from drifting from God.

How To Prevent Drifting From God

March 12, 2017 . Bob Hinz

Without even knowing it, we can begin to fall away from God. There are steps we can take to ensure we don’t allow this to happen. As we begin this series, we will take a look at 5 ways to prevent drifting from God.