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Dealing with Temptations


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Invisible Realities



Redefining Our Sins

6.25.17 – 7.16.17

In today’s society we tend to whitewash what God considers offenses against Him. It’s time to go back to the basics and redefine our sins.

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Final Destination

6.4.17 – 6.18.17

What happens after this life? We are all subject to die and there is no way to avoid it. This series will answer some intriguing questions about what our Final Destination is.

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5.14.17 – 5.28.17

There are times in our lives where things can interfere with our relationship with Christ, and we may not even realize it until it’s too late. So how do we avoid these Toxic things and keep them out of our lives?

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Believe Deeply, Speak Boldly


Do you believe in Jesus deeply enough that you will boldly tell anyone about him? The story of Christ is the greatest truth ever told. Will you hoard that truth, or share it with others?

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Jesus Is

4.9.17 – 4.30.17

We all know who Jesus Is. But even though we know, do we truly understand who He is, and how he cares for us? In this series we will learn several aspects of Jesus and of his love for us.

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3.12.17 – 4.2.17

Have you ever felt like you are drifting further and further away from God? It can be easy for a gap to form between you and God if you don’t take the proper steps to ensure your relationship remains strong. In this series, we will take a look at how to prevent drifting away from God.

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Fear & Worry

2.26.17 – 3.5.17

Fear and Worry are two emotions that can grip us and tear us apart, keeping us from loving God and loving others. God loves us, and wants us to give our fear and worry to him, allowing us find peace and rest in him.

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Vision 2017

1.1.17 – 2.12.17

We are excited to share our Vision for 2017. For 3 weeks beginning January 15, we will share where our heart is and where we are heading.

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Why Christmas?

12.4.16 – 12.25.16

Have you ever wondered why Christmas happened in the first place? Did Christ really come for someone like me? In this series we take a look at why Christ came and who he came for.

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Taking Responsibility for Your Life

10.9.16 – 11.27.16

Responsibility is not a zero-sum game. In other words, if you don’t follow through on your responsibilities, someone else in your life has to pick up the slack. Neglect completing a task at work, then someone else has to complete it. Refuse to pitch in with childcare, then your spouse is left to do all the work. We all need to take responsibility for our own lives.

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9.4.16 – 10.2.16

Christ has given all Christians power to defeat Satan and overcome sin. So how do we tap into that power and apply it to our everyday lives?

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A World View & Beyond

8.7.16 – 8.28.16

The way we view our world can sometimes be twisted. We get caught up in what is happening right in front of us and forget what is going on outside of our circle. In this series we will answer 2 big questions in the Christian faith and take a look beyond the walls of our comfort zone.

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Misquoted & Misunderstood

7.10.16 – 7.31.16

The bible is full of verses that people use to inspire, encourage, and help others. These verses can sometimes be taken out of context though. What happens when a passage is Misquoted & Misunderstood?

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Tough Questions Jesus Asks

6.19.16 – 7.3.16

Jesus had many interactions with people and often times asked questions. This series unpacks 3 questions Jesus asks and how we can apply them to our lives.

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5.29.16 – 6.12.16

A follower of Christ is not someone who flawlessly follows all the rules, but one who lives under God’s mercy and grace, and who is accepted by God despite having plenty of human imperfections. For our entire lives, we will have to fight the gravitational pull to become like the Pharisees.

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Hitting Roadblocks

5.8.16 – 5.22.16

A spiritual roadblock could be an action, thought, or behavior that creates a barrier between you and God. What roadblocks are a part of your life today that are keeping you from being closer to Christ?

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Choose Grace

3.27.16 – 5.1.16

Ephesians 2:8 tells us that it is by Grace that we are saved. “Choose Grace” is our theme for 2016. We want to be a church that shows grace to anyone – that same grace Christ gives freely to everyone.

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Good Friday


Watch our full Good Friday service!


Guest Speaker: Hunter Gandee


Hunter is a freshman wrestler from Bedford High School in Temperance, MI and is inspiring youth to take action. In 2014, Hunter Gandee walked 40 miles with his younger brother Braden on his back in a journey from their home in Temperance, MI, to the wrestling center at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, a trek they dubbed the Cerebral Palsy Swagger.


Identity Theft

3.6.16 – 3.13.16

As humans we are driven to find self-worth and satisfaction. Sometimes we will search and search and end up finding it in all the wrong places. Self-worth is only found in the love of God.

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1.24.16 – 2.28.16

When we’re pushed to our limit, we have a choice to make. Will we choose the path of least resistance or will we have the courage to take a Stand? In this six-week series, we learn about Daniel and the important points in his life when he stood for God. Covering everything from him being first captured as a boy to the lion’s den to the fiery furnace, we’ll see Daniel and his friends stand strong for God.

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Vision Sunday


God has done many great things at Bedford Alliance Church over the past years and we trust many more are to come in 2016. Hear directly from the ministry staff what their plans are for this new year.


From Negative To Positive


Philippians 2:14 says, “Do all things without complaining and disputing…” This year, choose to make a positive resolution where you rejoice no matter what.


Grace Interrupting


As 2016 approaches there is no better time to take a step back and rest in God’s grace. The transfiguration of Jesus in Matthew 17 reveals the importance of the gospel of grace and the destructiveness that legalist religion can have in our pursuit of Christ.