Our God is Able (11-26-23)

Psalm 46

Written during a time of national turmoil, Psalm 46 reminds us that our God is in control. He’s big enough to oversee the world, yet loving enough to be involved in the lives of individuals. He’s exactly what we need when we need it—our ever-present help in times of trouble.

Read Psalm 46 as a group.

  1. What stands out to you in this Psalm? Why?
  2. Psalm 46 was likely written as the Assyrian king and his ruthless army were preparing to attack Jerusalem. How does knowing that this Psalm was written during a national crisis affect the way you read the passage? How can this Psalm inform the way we view the issues in our world today?
  3. In Hebrew, the phrase “very present” in verse 1 carries the sense of “abundantly experienced.” Pastor Hinz said, “The goodness of God cannot be explained; it must be experienced.” How have you experienced the goodness of God during times of “trouble”? 
  4. Verse 8 says to, “Come and see what the Lord has done…” What does it look like for us to actively observe and acknowledge what God has done in the world and in our lives?
  5. In a world that's always busy and connected, what does it look like to regularly “be still and know” (verse 10) that God is in control? What obstacles prevent you from taking this time?
  6. How does this Psalm speak to your present circumstances? What's at least one takeaway from the passage and/or sermon that you need to apply?
  7. Pastor Hinz said, “There are some battles that only God can win.” What “battle” are you currently fighting that you need to surrender to God today?