What Does Your Love Look Like?

Day 1

Today's Reading: Ephesians 5:1-7


Ephesians 5:1-2 tells us to imitate God and love other people like He loved us. How is that possible? How do we know what His love looks like? Once we catch a glimpse, how do we even come close to imitating it?

Although we will never fully grasp the beauty and depth of God’s love on this side of eternity, Jesus gives us a perfect illustration of what true love is. Jesus “gave himself up for us” (Ephesians 5:2). He got uncomfortable. He gave up His rights. He went to the cross despite the wrath He knew He would endure. God’s way of loving is one of giving Himself up, turning His back toward what would have been easy and running toward the difficult.

For the most part, Hollywood has presented a distorted image of what true love is and we have believed it, letting it leak into our minds and behavior. We fight for our own interests instead of choosing to do what’s best for others. We want everything right now, whether or not it would be better later. We make everything about “me” and ignore our loved ones. When we project this kind of love onto romantic relationships, we start settling for sex without commitment and lust that only serves our sinful desires. We start to take advantage of the other person in order to satisfy our wants.

God’s love is more difficult. But it’s also the most satisfying. Emotions will come and go. Apart from marriage, sex will seem to satisfy for a moment, and then it will leave you dry again. Maybe that’s you. If so, rest in the fact that God’s love goes much further than your sin. Accept His love. Believe that He gave himself up for you, and then ask Him to help you love like He does.


  • Are there any relationships in your life you have allowed to be watered down by demanding your own way?
  • Evaluate how you define “love.” Does it look more like how Jesus loves or how the latest chick flick depicts love?
  • Identify a few ways you can love another person in your life by sacrificing for them.
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