Fearless Dating: A 6-Day Devotional

When it comes to dating, the rules seem to be ever-changing. From where you meet to what you talk about to how far is too far, what was socially acceptable when your parents got together seems old-fashioned now. And the rules society follows today will change again by the time your kids are dating.

As time goes on, styles change and public opinion shifts, but through it all, God’s Word proves true. You won’t find any mention of dating in the Bible, but you will find relationship wisdom that has stood the test of time.

God, who made you and loves you, knows what’s best for your relationships. Discover what God says about how to treat one another in a way that honors Him and guards your heart.

What Does Your Love Look Like?

Day 1

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A Risk Worth Taking

Day 2

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Ready to Give Up on Relationships?

Day 3

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How to Spot Real Love When It Happens

Day 4

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How Far is Too Far?

Day 5

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The Difference Between Love and Lust

Day 6

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Thank you to NewSpring Church for providing this reading plan.