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Within our Care Network, there are several teams you can get involved in.

  • Card Writing: The card writing team sends cards of encouragement to people within our congregation. You will be assigned requests from the church so you know who to write to. The person's name, address, cards, and stamps will be provided by the church.
  • Phone Call: The phone call team calls people in the church who've requested prayer and prays with them over the phone. You will be assigned requests from the church and provided with the person's name and phone number.
  • Visitation: The visitation team makes hospital or home visits to those who've recently been sick or had surgery. You will be paired up, so visitations never happen alone. Due to COVID-19, the visitation team is currently not able to make hospital or house calls.
  • Meals: The meal team prepares and delivers meals at home to those who've been hospitalized, had surgery, or delivered a baby. You'll have the opportunity to sign up for a day and time that works for you to deliver your meal. You'll be provided with the person's name, address, delivery preferences, and any food restrictions. 
  • Funeral Dinner: The funeral dinner team prepares funeral meals at the church. You will be contacted by the church when a funeral meal is taking place. The church will work with the family to determine the menu and provide you with all the needed supplies.
  • Spiritual Support: The spiritual support team provides guidance to those within our congregation or community who are struggling with issues such as addiction, depression, anxiety, etc. You are not a counselor, and we don't expect you to be. Your job is to provide people with resources that can help them. For example, if someone is struggling with an addiction, encourage them to come to our Recovery group. We will provide you with training and resources. 

Opportunity Details:

Serving Days: Weekdays
Location: Main Campus, Online Campus

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