Bedford Alliance Recovery

Whatever you’re struggling with, know that God cares about you and wants more for your life. There is no addiction too great that cannot be overcome with God’s help. Find freedom from your hurts, habits, and hang-ups at Recovery.

Is Recovery for me?

Recovery is for anyone seeking help with previous hurts, pain, or addictions of any kind. Maybe you’re struggling with codependency or anger issues. Maybe you have a behavioral addiction, such as eating, gambling, or shopping. Maybe you have a substance abuse problem.

Whatever you’re going through, Recovery is a safe place to find support and practical ways to take back control of your life.

6:30-8:30 pm

Bedford Alliance Church
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Frequently Asked Questions

Recovery is for anyone seeking help with a habit, hurt, or hangup. You could be struggling with substance abuse, co-dependent relationships, or the residual pain of a traumatic life event. Whatever you’re going through, Recovery is here to provide support and tools to help you change your behavior. At this time, Bedford Alliance Recovery is only equipped to handle adults 18 and over.

Your night at Recovery will include a time of worship, inspirational message, and breaking up into groups for support and encouragement.

Yes! Free childcare is available for ages birth-5th grade.

Once you arrive at Bedford Alliance, park on the south side (next to the Bedford Library). Enter South Door A and follow the signs down to the Refinery.

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Bedford Alliance Recovery doesn’t have a set number of weeks for you to complete. While we do recognize 5 milestones during your Recovery journey, we are here to support you no matter how long it takes. Everyone’s pathway will be different.

Absolutely! Recovery is a lifelong journey that requires continued support. You can also become a Recovery volunteer to help those who are just entering the program.

Still have more questions? We’d love to help!

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