The Bible and a few good friends can change a lot.

D-Groups are the primary place we grow at Bedford Alliance.

A D-Group (Discipleship Group) is a group of 3–5 people of the same gender who meet regularly and journey through Scripture together. D-Groups don’t have an established leader – this is a group of friends helping each other grow closer to Jesus. We want everyone to take ownership of their own spiritual growth.

Because it can be challenging to be open and honest in a big-group setting, D-Groups are the main place at BAC where we grow in our relationship with Jesus and care for each other.

Here’s our suggested format to keep D-Groups simple and transforming:

  • Be Real: Take some time to catch up, share stories, and laugh together. Remember that Jesus slowed down to have relationships with trusted friends.
  • Share: How is God speaking to you through his Word, and how are you applying it to your life?
  • Pray: Share prayer requests, pray for lost friends, or pray however God leads.

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How to get started

Find your people: Making friends at BAC happens by hosting and attending Meetups or joining a serve team. Once you’ve found some friends, the ball’s in your court! Invite them to form a D-Group with you.

Join a Meetup

Make a Plan: Pick a regular time and place that will be convenient for your D-Group and choose how your group will journey through Scripture together.

Bible Plans & Resources

Let us know: Fill out a form to let us know that you’re getting started.

Let us Know

Anyone can start a D-Group! The only requirement to be in a D-Group is to have a desire to know Jesus better.

D-Groups don’t have a designated leader. This isn’t a typical “Bible Study” or class; this is a group of friends committed to helping each other have a deeper relationship with Jesus. We want to create disciples of Jesus, not disciples of any particular person. And we want everyone to take ownership of their own spiritual growth.

While there is no designated leader, feel free to delegate certain responsibilities. For example, one person may be responsible for contacting the group if there is a change in schedule, one person may be in charge of registering the group on our website, and another person responsible for selecting the meeting place.

D-Groups meet throughout the community—in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Pick a location that’s convenient for your group! If you would like to meet at the church building, we have some space available during services on Sunday mornings. To see if there is a room available on a Sunday morning, contact us.

D-Groups can meet at any time! Pick a time that is most convenient for your group. If you would like to meet on Sunday mornings, we may have some space available for you at the church building. To see if there is a room available on a Sunday morning, contact us.

There is no set timetable for D-Groups. You can stay together for as long or as little as you’d like. We want you to take ownership of your spiritual growth, so we’re leaving the specifics up to you.

There is no workbook or curriculum. The only “curriculum” is the Bible. We believe that the Word of God is sufficient to accomplish the Work of God. We have a list of Bible reading plans available here.

If your group is struggling to understand the Bible, we have some optional resources available here that you can use to supplement your Bible reading.

No. Everyone who has a desire to know Jesus better is welcome to join a D-Group!

We limit D-Groups to 5 people because it becomes difficult to share openly and honestly in larger groups. If your group grows to 6 or more people, we ask that you split into 2 groups to ensure each group has only 3–5 people. Keep in mind that multiple groups can meet at the same time and place to enjoy community as a larger group before meeting as individual D-Groups of 3–5 people.

We restrict D-Groups to the same gender because D-Groups involve close relationships and accountability. However, several couples could meet in one place to enjoy community with each other and then split into same-gender D-Groups.

Here are some best practices that we consider essential to a successful group:

  • Share responsibility in the group.
    It helps when one person doesn’t feel like the leader. We want to make disciples of Jesus, not of any particular person. This is a group of friends helping each other have a deeper relationship with Jesus, not a “class.”
  • Choose a Bible reading plan as a group.
    Reading through the same plan together provides accountability and allows you to better understand each other’s questions and insights.
  • Use HEAR Journals as you read through Scripture.
    HEAR Journals help you interact with and apply the Word, rather than simply “checking off a box” as you read. Click here to learn about HEAR Journals.
  • Check in on each other during the week.
    (group text, phone calls, etc.).
  • Mix some fun weeks into your time together.
    (sporting events, movies, hobbies, etc.).

We encourage you to learn to investigate difficult questions as a group. With that being said, we’re here to help! If you have a question (theological or otherwise), feel free to email Luke Cousino, our Discipleship Pastor.

We do have a few more “typical” Small Groups (groups of 6–12 people with an established leader and curriculum) listed on our Meetups page. However, like all of our Meetups, our goal for Small Groups is that people would form relationships and ultimately start a D-Group with their friends. We believe that D-Groups are that important for spiritual growth.

For more information about D-Groups, best practices, and D-Group formats, watch the videos on our registration page.