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The Bible and a few good friends can change a lot.

D-Groups are the primary place we grow at Bedford Alliance Church.

A D-Group (discipleship group) is a group of 3–5 people of the same gender who meet regularly and journey through Scripture together.

The goal of a D-Group is to lead people into deeper relationships with Jesus and to multiply God’s kingdom by making disciples who make disciples.

Anyone can start a D-Group and be part of Jesus’ unfolding plan to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20).

How to get started

Find your people:

D-Groups form through personal invitations and people taking ownership of their own faith. Making friends at BAC happens primarily through joining a serve team. Once you’ve found some friends, the ball’s in your court! Invite them to form a D-Group with you.

Join a Serve Team

Get your Starter Kit:

Request a Starter Kit and we'll provide you with all the materials and help you need to get started with your D-Group.

Let us know:

Let us know that your D-Group is getting started. Login to your Bedford Alliance Church account to register a new D-Group or make changes to your group. This allows us to reach out to you and help along the way.

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D-Group Resources


Use the button below to access resources for your D-Group, including your Bible reading plan.

Additional Resources

BAC Bible Reading Plan Podcast

The Bedford Alliance Church Bible Reading Plan Podcast follows along with our church-wide reading plan, which walks you through the entire New Testament and gives you an overview of the Old Testament. Join us as we dive into God’s life-changing Word together!

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Anyone can start a D-Group! The only requirement is that you attend D-Group training.
Anyone who facilitates a D-Group for the first time is required to attend D-Group training. However, anyone who is interested in learning more about D-Groups is welcome to attend.
D-Groups meet throughout the community—in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Pick a location that’s convenient for your group! We also have limited space available to meet at the church building. To see if there is a room available in the church, email us.
D-Groups can meet at any time! Pick a time that is most convenient for your group.
The first four weeks of a D-Group are a “trial period” that allows you to learn what a D-Group is and experience what it’s like. If it’s not a good fit for you, you will have an opportunity to walk away after the first four weeks without any further commitment. If you decide to continue meeting after the first four weeks, D-Groups commit to meeting for 12 weeks at a time before re-evaluating their next steps.
All D-Groups use the same reading plan to journey through the Bible together. The Bible is our main focus because we believe the Word of God is sufficient to accomplish the work of God. However, D-Groups also listen to a weekly podcast to help them establish a strong foundation in the Christian faith.
No. Everyone who has a desire to know Jesus better is welcome to join a D-Group!
We limit D-Groups to 5 people because it becomes difficult to share openly and honestly in larger groups.
We restrict D-Groups to the same gender because D-Groups involve close relationships and accountability. However, several couples could meet in one place to enjoy community with each other and then split into same-gender D-Groups.
We encourage you to learn to investigate difficult questions as a group. With that being said, we’re here to help! If you have a question (theological or otherwise), feel free to email , our Discipleship Pastor.