Christianity Isn't a Magic Wand

Day 19

Today's Reading: Revelation 14


Many believe that becoming a Christian is like waving a magic wand over all life’s hardships. Once we accept Christ, all of our problems go away, right? Wrong.

Christianity is not an immediate fix to life’s problems. Christians are not promised an easy life. In fact, Jesus tells us in John 16:33 “‘…in this world [we] will have trouble.’”

So, if we are promised trouble and get no free pass to avoid hard times in life, why would we choose Christianity?

We have a choice every day to do things the easy way or to do things God’s way. To obey God’s commands and remain faithful to Jesus requires patient endurance, but the reward is worth the work (Revelation 14:12).

Though we aren’t promised a life of ease, as Christians, we are promised a life of hope, grace, and mercy. We are promised an unconditional love from a God who will never leave or forsake us. Even in our hardest times, we can be sure that God is with us — guiding, teaching, and protecting us. He can use even the toughest situations for His glory and our good.

John 16:33 doesn’t end with the fact that we will have trouble. Jesus goes on to say, “But take heart! I have overcome the world!” Christianity isn’t a golden ticket to easy street, but it is the only way to access true peace, joy, and contentment. Remaining faithful to Jesus and who He has called us to allow us to live fully in the joyful life He has planned for us.


  • Have you accepted Jesus’ love for you? If not, what’s keeping you from living in the joyful life He has planned for you?
  • In what areas of your life are you choosing the easy way over God’s way? How does this impact your relationship with Christ and with others?
  • In what tough situations have you seen or are you seeing God’s protection, provision and guidance? In what ways can God take something bad in your life and use it for your good?
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