God with us in a broken world

Day 25

Today's Reading: Matthew 1:21-23; Matthew 28:20; Revelation 21:1-6

We often focus on waiting in the Advent season—anticipating the joy of Christmas—but we hope you’ve been blessed this season by reflecting not only on a countdown to Christmas but rather on the nearness of God’s presence in every season.

Before the birth of Christ, God was with His people; following Christ’s ascension, His Spirit remains with us still. Do we perceive it?

The God who left heaven itself to be with us is worthy of our awe, praise, and devotion. Emmanuel has given us a clear call, not to sequester ourselves in communities of faith but to enter into this broken world in pursuit of the people He loves: to make disciples of the distant and doubtful alike.

To follow Christ and minister in His name is a great responsibility, accompanied by a powerful promise: “Surely I am with you always” (Matthew 28:20). The world is broken, yet we hope in our living Savior who never leaves us.

As we anticipate the day He comes again to make all things new, may we grow ever more sensitive to His presence and attentive to His call, cherishing each moment with our ever-present King.

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