Jesus Is a Burden Bearer

April 30, 2017 . Bob Hinz

Have you seen God move in your life before? Do you believe he can still move today? God is faithful to those who trust Him. He can still move mountains in your life.

Jesus Is the Light of the World

April 23, 2017 . Bob Hinz

Strange things can happen in the darkness. That is why we need light. When we accept Jesus into our lives, he lights up our lives allowing us to become a light for others.

Jesus Is the Resurrection

April 16, 2017 . Bob Hinz

Jesus Is Risen! Jesus Is Alive! Jesus Is The Resurrection!

Jesus Is the Good Shepherd

April 9, 2017 . Bob Hinz

You may know Jesus as King or Jesus as Savior, but do you know Jesus as the Good Shepherd?