Being the church starts by getting together with people.

Make new friends by doing what you love.

Do you call BAC home but haven’t had much luck finding new friends? (We get it…it’s hard.) Meetups are low-commitment ways of building community at BAC. Whether they’re one-time or recurring, Meetups bring people together to create meaningful friendships around the things they love.

Whether it’s watching sports, discussing a book, exercising, or eating food—anyone can host or join a Meetup centered on doing something they love.

Once you’ve formed meaningful relationships, we encourage you to form a D-Group with your friends to take your spiritual life to the next level.

Join a Meetup
Host a Meetup

Types of Meetups

Activities: Build community by doing activities and hobbies that you love to do.

Parties/Gatherings: Make friends through hangouts, food, and fun.

Serving: One of the best ways to build strong community is to be on mission together. Join others in serving our community.

Studies: Interested in reading a specific book, studying a certain topic, or going through a video series? Get to know each other while learning together.