You’ve got 90.

What if we said 90 minutes was all it takes to help you grow spiritually? BAC 90 is designed to be a once-a-month, 90-minute program for all ages that will equip you to take your spiritual walk to the next level.

Whether you’re just starting on your spiritual journey or you’re a lifelong Christian, BAC 90 will provide the tools and knowledge you need to go further in your spiritual walk than you ever thought you could go.

Come and see how 90 minutes can change your life.

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BAC 90 for all ages

Adults (18 and over)

Adults are invited to join us for a teaching time where you can ask the hard questions, dig deeper, learn more, and discover truths that will carry you through the hard seasons in life.

Meets in the Sanctuary.

Students (Grades 6-12)

Students today are facing more peer pressure than ever before. At BAC 90, students can develop relationships and create community that supports them in living counter-culturally. When it comes to making a decision for Christ, we want students to know that they’re not alone.

Meets at the House Campus next door.

Kids (Preschool – 5th grade)

Kids will increase their understanding of the bottom line that they learn on Sunday mornings. We want your kids to grow up making wiser choices, building strong relationships, and developing a deeper faith that will last forever.

K-5th meets in the Refinery. Preschool (ages 2-4+) meets in the Preschool area of Kidcity.

Nursery (Birth – 18 months)

Childcare is provided for infants ages birth to 23 months.

Meets in the Nursery. Kids will need to be checked-in like Sunday morning service.


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